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Our school

Welcome to the O'Hehir Institute for Oral Health Promotion. Our vision is to end dental disease by promoting oral health and we invite you to visit the various sections of our website. We want to share our valuable research with everyone who has an interest in oral health.

Oral health consumers may be interested in the bite sized two minute videos produced by O'Hehir University graduates. 

Dental professional may be interested in our graduates' research projects.

Dental hygienists looking to complete their degree  and earn a BS in Oral Health Promotion can find more more information here.



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Action research in a healthcare environment is simply a form of self-reflective inquiry undertaken to improve healthcare outcomes.  O’Hehir University is founded on the principles of self-directed, reflective, inquiry learning with each student contributing to the dental hygiene body of knowledge with their Action Research Project. Each student explores the state of oral health today and their professional career. This information provides a foundation for developing their Action Research Project.