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Our school

I do not exaggerate when I say I believe that this program will spark a much needed revolution in the way dental hygienists are educated. The program allows students to study the aspect of oral health that makes sense for them, not a rigidly defined set of courses that may or may not be useful for the individual. The program allows for fascinating interaction with hygienists and instructors from all over the world, and these web based conversations take place (mercifully!) on the weekends at times that work for everyone. The course work is self paced, so I find I can work on it when I have time, whenever that might be. ~ Andrea Kowalczyk, RDH, BS



Prior to embarking on this journey with OHU I had lost my passion for clinical dental hygiene. I was in a routine that I had not changed for 20 years. Through the practice of reflective thinking I was forced to make the time to look at myself and acknowledge my positive attributions to the practice of dental hygiene as well as recognize the areas that I was deficient. I never would have done this if it were not for OHU. I have recognized that my loss of passion was not about the practice itself but about myself-the learning process at OHU has allowed me to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone to strive for better! This experience has reignited my passion to be the best that I can be for my self and my patients! ~ Samia Touma, RDH, BS



Studying with OHU has made me a better clinician overall. My patients started noticing a change in their experience with me within a month after I started the program. They felt the appointments were more effective, they learned more about oral health and learned it in the manner they learn best (thanks to my education at OHU). It's made me think more about how to promote and make changes in oral health; more than any "standard" schooling has ever done for me. It helped me find my strengths in a way no other educational program has ever done. My patients, employer, and colleagues noticed the improvement in my clinical practice even before I did. ~ Jennifer Rinker RDH, BS





The online conference for the class was very exciting! It was a big step for me to move forward with technology, and it alleviated a lot of my fears that my lack of computer knowledge would hold me back from being able to effectively participate. It was great meeting everyone, and putting faces/voices to a name. I am excited for the next challenge! ~ Jaimie Bartoletti, RDH, BS



Since completing my BS with OHU, I am more aware of my profession and I am able to see past the clinical aspect of dental hygiene. I am more prepared to lead in my profession with confidence. ~ Diana Vasquez, RDH, BS



OHU actually helped me transition out of clinical practice and into a career as a product educator for a pharmaceutical company. ~ Christina Byrne, RDH, BS



OHU has impacted on my clinical practice in how I perceive and approach the dentist. I was able to increase the quality of care for patients, time frame for the hygienist and production. ~ Millie Thaw, RDH, BS



OHU has reinvigorated my practice as a clinical hygienist. I am more confident than I have ever been in my ability to provide the best possible care for my patients. ~ Michelle Huber, RDH, BS



I have taken myself out of my comfort zone which helped me improve the standard of care to my patients. This has energized my relationships with my colleagues and patients and has given my approach to my career a badly needed lift. Thank you OHU. ~ Sarah Fernald RDH, BS



I am now able to feel more confident as a dental hygienist having a Bachelors Degree under my belt. I feel as though I am able to rediscover dental hygiene as it has opened many other doors other than just being a clinician.~ Mikalya Pelnar RDH, BS



I have enjoyed my experience at OHU. I feel this experience has rejuvenated my professional focus. I have always considered myself a hygienist who cares about the well-being of every patient, striving to provide information that encourages improved oral health. Engaging in this research model I learned to connect with other colleagues; tutors, mentors, classmates, hygiene chat rooms, professional journals, recommended literature and internet resources. There is so much encouragement out there for hygienists to tap into and I am no longer intimidated by this process. Upon completion of my final research paper I realize, I have a voice. I have professional knowledge to share that may be helpful to others, just as their shared knowledge has helped me. Another lesson was the importance of open ended questions where patients can choose what information they value and want me to explain. Asking the patient's opinion encouraged me to continue with some of my current practices, while changing others. Both prospects were exciting. It's exciting to feel you have done something right and just as exciting to realize you can learn something new. I am thankful to OHU for this time of personal and professional growth. ~ Laurie Humphrey RDH, BS



I feel that the things I have learned during my degree program made me feel much more confident and professional. I was proud to discuss my research project with my colleagues and patients. learning was a joy and made me feel smarter. in a profession that lends to burnout, I fell in love with my role in health care again. I cannot thank you all enough for the opportunity you have provided for hygienist. You are changing the face of the profession! ~ Cindy Bailey RDH, BS



When I started the process of signing up to the pilot class of the Bachelor in Dental health course at the O’Hehir University I was aware that the process would be different, dynamic and challenging. Afterall the entire course is ground breaking in the way it intends to deliver education. Einstein is famously quoted as saying that “education is getting in the way of my learning” and the course I feel subscribes to this in a way that frees up creativity but also supports my personal mission of learning more within the workplace. ~ Mark James, RDH, BS