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Our school

What is O’Hehir University Exactly?

O’Hehir University is an international, online institution founded specifically for the clinical dental hygienist who wants to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree. In the future, O’Hehir University will offer a Master’s Degree in Oral Health Promotion for Dental Hygienists currently holding a Bachelor’s Degree from another institution as well as those holding a Bachelor’s Degree from O’Hehir University. Dental Hygienists pursuing a BS or MA degree in preparation for faculty positions in traditional dental hygiene programs or research positions are not encouraged to apply with OHU. Those interested in teaching and research positions are encouraged to attend universities with programs specific to DH education or research. OHU focuses on clinicians and oral health promotion. Since OHU is a new educational institution, recognition of our degree has not yet been established by universities and colleges housing dental hygiene programs.