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Our school

How Does O’Hehir University Work?

Students are assigned to a cohort of five to eight students meeting weekly to every other week for one hour in virtual video conference calls to discuss the state of oral health today, career goals and project development. This type of online interaction fosters discussion, mentoring and peer review. Students combine reflective learning and academic inquiry with their practical, professional experience to fulfill degree requirements.

Completing a SWOT Analysis of both oral health today and their career provides understanding of strengths and weaknesses and identifies opportunities and threats. This approach to education allows for practical application, better preparing dental hygienists to implement change in their clinical practice environments and in their careers.

Three textbooks are required: All You Need to Know About Action Research by Jean McNiff & Jack Whitehead and Health Behavior Change in the Dental Practice by Christoph Ramseier & Jean Suvan. The third is selected from a list of recommended reading on reflective writing. These books prepare students for a new and exciting experience in learning based on Reflective and Inquiry Learning Methods.

Students complete an Action Research Project and submit a written report. The research project implements a small change in their current work setting to achieve greater oral health for patients. This project is peer assessed and submitted as part of the requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree.

All BS Degree Completion graduates have the option of enrolling in the Post Graduate Certificate in Mentoring Program. Mentors work with a degree completion class under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

For students seeking a Master’s Degree, additional focus on clinical advancement, business planning and development are required. Candidates for a Master’s Degree will develop plans for departmental growth and management in their current work environments or plans for personal business opportunities in the Dental Hygiene field focused on prevention and oral health promotion.