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"This flower represents me in a feminine perspective of what I have learned and expect in the future. Like any flower, I believe that the delicate leaves and
petals represent how delicate I am with patients and continue to do so. The bright overall color shows others my outgoing, social personality and my overall positive view on my career.

The flower reflects how I see myself growing everyday. Depending how much you water the flower, take care of it, and obviously give it TLC, it will surely blossom into something beautiful. I believe that education and experience has been my fuel. My patients everyday feed into my knowledge and even though sometimes I may feel like I am at a stopping point, I always tend to bloom with little encouragement. I see myself expanding my career by learning from my mistakes, and certainly from my colleagues. Life will always have its moments where, like the flower, it will thrive or die out and come back to life once properly managed. My professional career will always need food to be fed with and it will have its moments where it seems to dissappear however it will replenish with a little bit of education and postive attitude."


Well done Marlena!!