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My passion for giving back, and doing something to help children globally lead me to the organization Global Dental Relief. This amazing organization based out of Denver, provides dental care and oral health education to children who otherwise do not receive treatment. I have been volunteering my time for 5 years, going to Guatemala along with my husband who is actively involved as a non dental volunteer. It is such a rewarding, and humbling experience, and the children and families are so grateful for the services we provide. My husband and I also support a family in the highlands of Guatemala, who have been able to advance their lives in many ways. Small gestures of clothes, toys and food to other families and children are also given with small donations from friends and family wanting to help with the work we do. Words can not explain the emotions felt each time we arrive in the small villages and the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. When a child looks up at me with those big dark eyes and smiles from the dental chair my heart melts and from behind my mask I smile too knowing I am exactly where I want to be. For more information you can check out or email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sabrina Cooper, RDH, BSc